Garden Answer discusses earth auger sizes

February 25, 2022

Join Laura from Garden Answer as she demonstrates the power and versatility of Power Planter’s range of augers in this comprehensive review and demonstration video. Learn why Power Planter is Garden Answer’s preferred choice for both small and large gardening projects, from planting bulbs and plugs to digging holes for larger plants.

In this video, Laura provides a detailed guide on how to choose the right auger size for your needs, with practical demonstrations of several sizes of Power Planter augers in action. Whether you’re a home gardener like Laura or a professional landscaper, Power Planter augers can make your planting tasks quicker and easier. Watch now to see why Laura from Garden Answer believes Power Planter is the best auger on the market.

When choosing a Power Planter auger, Laura has a few key recommendations

“If I was to recommend any one of the larger sizes for you guys to get I would go with the seven inch just because this heavy duty tip on the end the optional tip makes it so much easier to dig a hole I can’t even tell you how much easier it is.” (do we need a link to the 7” auger here?)

“This is actually the one that I gravitate towards which is very similar to the 12 inch size three inch diameter Power Planter auger.” (do we need a link for that unit here?)

“All of these augers are made by Power Planter… they have sent us a couple of augers maybe a couple of years ago and we liked them a lot and we’ve been buying them ever since.”