Garden Answer Uses a Power Planter Auger for Planting Shrubs

March 02, 2023

Join Laura and Aaron from Garden Answer in this insightful video as they tackle a significant hedge planting project at a local church, using the impressive 9-inch Power Planter auger for planting shrubs. Using an auger as a hedge planting tool has been a game-changer in their planting process.

With the challenge of drilling 74 holes to plant a hedge of Arborvitaes, Aaron, with his trusty Power Planter auger, demonstrates how this task is not only manageable but also highly efficient. Remarkably, it only took one and a half drill batteries to accomplish this feat.

See as Aaron seamlessly operates the 9-inch auger, demonstrating its perfect compatibility with 3-gallon plant cans. They further shares a handy tip – to rock the auger back and forth in the hole, thereby creating a spacious, fluffy soil bed for optimal plant growth.

Through this video, Laura and Aaron transform what could have been a daunting gardening task into an easy and efficient process, with the Power Planter auger stealing the show. This essential gardening tool proves itself as a valuable addition to any gardener’s toolkit, especially when handling a bulk planting task such as planting a hedge of Arborvitaes. If you were impressed with how Laura and Aaron were able to knock this project out, check out Laura’s picks to see some of her other favorite Power Planter products.