Power Planter Gives Back

November 27, 2017

In honor of Giving Tuesday this year, Greg Niewold and the rest of the Power Planter team want to take a moment to share what this family-run business does for their local community. Making charitable donations means a lot at Power Planter, but helping those in need during the holiday season means a whole lot more.

From making auger donations to non-profit gardening organizations, to donating cash to help local families who are in serious need, Power Planter is proud to help organizations like these mentioned here, and more.

Local Cash Donations

Tim & Sarah’s Wish on Wheels is a donation drive run by a local radio station in east central Illinois. The program helps people who are in dire holiday situations; families who are facing illness, death, loss of a house, or worse.

Just last week, with Thanksgiving around the corner, Power Planter made a cash donation to the program to help them meet their daily goal.

But that’s not all. Donating has become something of a tradition for Power Planter.

Local Auger Donations

Power Planter is known for donating earth augers to non-profit organizations that help to enrich their local community.

Just this last month, they donated several augers to an auction that benefitted their local Ford Iroquois Counties 4-H. Programs like 4-H give youths ages 5 to 18 the opportunity to develop key skills for success in life. 4-H is open to all children, regardless of socio-economic status, disability, gender or ethnicity.

The donation included several small Bulb Augers, DIY Augers, and an Extended Length Bulb Auger, totaling over $100 worth of products.

More than 600 young people in Ford and Iroquois Counties participate in 4-H – which means Power Planter’s donation went directly to helping kids in their local community.

Auger Donations from Afar

Back in January of this year, Power Planter made a donation to the Camden Daffodil Festival in Camden, Arkansas. Camden may not be part of their local community in Illinois, but the daffodil festival is part of the greater gardening community at large.

Here’s a quote from Amanda, one of the festival’s coordinators, when Greg told her he was sending her two Heavy Duty Earth Augers:

“Wow! You have made my day and week and month! We will definitely put them

to work – double time!!!”

The Camden Festival used the augers for their Spring Master Gardeners' class which was held nearby at the Arts Garden – the Garden is run by the Boys and Girls Club of Ouachita County (also a non-profit).

Greg and the rest of the Power Planter family look forward to giving back to their local community and to the greater gardening community every year. Stay tuned for next year’s donations!

Image courtesy of Flickr user TPP ED.