Dig In with These Power Planter Tips

June 09, 2020

With plenty of sunshine and some extra time on your hands, now is the time to step outdoors and get to know your Power Planter. If you’re new to using this piece of equipment, there are a few basics you’ll want to get down first. We’ve got you covered.

What Kind of Drill to Use

First things first, your Power Planter is an accessory for your drill and some of our large diameter augers need more power to be successful. If you’re looking to drill bigger and deeper holes, like Garden Answer does, you may need to purchase a larger drill.

Find out what power you’ll need using our our power requirement guide. Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions – we are not experts in soil composition and specific conditions may vary.

Attaching to a Drill

For those familiar with drilling, you’ll find Power Planter augers relatively similar to your other drill accessories. Once you’ve selected the proper drill and auger for your job, you’ll need to fit the hex head to the drill.

Getting Started

Before you start digging, you’ll want to check for underground sprinklers and utility wires. Call 811 a few days before you plan to dig, to find out if the area you will be working in has underground utilities located nearby.

For personal safety, use safety glasses while the auger is in use. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. And we recommend using an electric drill with a side handle for added safety.

When you’re ready to dig, keep the auger vertical as it digs. It is normal for the drill to kick back in your hand slightly as the auger starts to bite into the soil. Once the auger is digging, there is no need to press on it. Just let the auger dig until you’ve reached the desired depth, then stop drilling, now you can safely remove the tool from the hole. Run the auger at a slow speed to avoid twisting if the auger bit gets caught.

For larger holes, we recommend digging a small pilot hole before starting. Then, place the auger’s tip in the center of the pilot hole, and activate the drill or powerhead.

Please note, our augers can make digging in the soil much easier and will drill through loose or rocky material — but they are not meant for drilling into rock.

Finding More Uses for Your Power Auger

Your auger can do more than just drill holes in soil. Here are some other tasks our Power Planters can make easier. Installing beach umbrellas and beach volleyball nets. mixing small batches of cement or paint, boring under sidewalks (horizontally), cleaning clogged PVC drainage pipes, post hole digging for fence posts, installing a sand fence or a snow fence, installing soil moisture probes, installing real estate signs, anchors or stakes for trees, tilling small planter boxes, taking soil samples, mixing polymers in soil, mixing fertilizer, and mixing paints.

Do you have an additional use for our augers? Let us know so we can update the list!