Why Augers Are the Best Holiday Gardening Gifts

November 07, 2022

With the holiday season upon us, you need to start thinking about what you’re going to get everyone on your nice list. If one of the people on your list has a green thumb, a garden auger is the perfect Christmas gift for a gardener.

Power Planter 3 X 7 Gardening Auger

In addition to replacing many common gardening tools, augers are also both labor- and time-effective, saving their back and knees come planting season. Augers also replace several of the following holiday gifts for gardeners:

  • Hand trowels. Commonly used for planting bulbs, transferring or loosening soil, and removing stubborn weeds, a hand trowel is often an essential tool. However, a garden auger can do all of the above — and more — faster. Your gardener friend can even till raised beds with a garden auger, drilling throughout the bed to properly turn the soil to prepare it for planting.
  • Soil mixers. Making potting mix saves money and ensures plants receive the nutrients they need. Your giftee can blend a DIY mix by hand, try an expensive soil mixer — or use a garden auger. All they need is a small plastic tub or plant pot and soil materials (equal parts peat moss, compost, and perlite should do the trick). Bulb augers work in all types of soil — whether you need to mix small, less dense batches or thicker, more compressed soils. (You can try a heavy-duty tip for particularly tough jobs with sand or gravel.)
  • Digging shovels. While one of the most popular landscaping tools is a digging shovel, it often does more harm than good in a typical garden or plot of land. This is because shovels tend to cause poor root-to-soil contact, leading to massive transplant shock or death of your plant. Using an auger reduces the risk of injury while transporting soil, tilling a garden bed, or digging an irrigation trench or sprinkler system. It pulverizes the soil instead of creating huge clumps that need to be broken apart by hand.
  • Garden spades. Though garden spades can effectively dig holes in tight spaces or around established plants that shouldn’t be disturbed, augers are more precise and cause less strain on hands and back. An auger also allows gardeners to drill perfectly spaced bulb holes at even depths.
  • Clamshell post hole diggers. If your gardener friend has a new mailbox or fence to install, they’ll no longer have to settle for their shovel or clamshell post hole digger. With an auger, they can simultaneously drill to the desired hole depth and remove small rocks or debris in the way. Augers are easier to use than clamshell post hill diggers and provide the right amount of leverage to lighten the workload.

Lightweight, efficient, easy to use, and versatile, an auger is an ideal Christmas gift for a gardener because it replaces many common gardening tools at a fraction of the cost. Make your favorite gardener’s day — and entire year — with a gardening gift that keeps on giving.