Digging: Beyond Basics

July 05, 2020

Once you’ve got a Power Planter auger, you’ll realize you’ve tapped into a back and time saving goldmine! They’re quick, precise and they put the power in planting. They make the work of digging dozens of holes a breeze. And, Power Planter augers can assist with a variety of jobs – it’s why we offer them in a variety of lengths and widths.

Augers make gardening easier on the body. They can reduce the need to bend or even kneel, preventing stress on the back and knees. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to dig with an earth auger where a traditional shovel is too difficult to use including areas where the ground is hard, rocky or heavy with clay.

While they’re beloved for digging holes for bulbs, plants and shrubs, our augers are actually very versatile. Perhaps you’ve heard that you can use your Power Planter auger to mix liquids or other substances, and you’re correct! But they can help with so many other tasks too. Keep reading for some additional ways our augers can make life a little bit easier.

Dig These Ideas

Dig Post Holes – Larger augers aren’t just for planting gallon pots. They can also be used to dig post holes. Contractors and homeowners alike can use them when installing decks, fences or other projects that require a lot of digging. A large auger makes tasks such as digging holes for a mailbox post or chicken coop much easier.

Fun in the Sun – Families that take frequent trips to the beach can rejoice and spend less time digging and more time relaxing or playing. Bring an auger instead of a shovel to dig a hole for your beach umbrella or volleyball net.

DIY Mixes – Augers are handy for mixing. In fact, you can use one to create your own potting soil mix by combining peat moss, compost and pearlite. Doing it yourself can save money over pre-made commercial mixes.
Remove Clogs – Augers can clear clogs in straight stretches of PVC pipe. Use the appropriate size auger to remove blockages.

Dig Horizontally – Sometimes, a job requires you to dig horizontally. If you need to run plumbing or conduit beneath a sidewalk, then an auger is the only way to make the hole without tearing a section of the sidewalk. We’ve got you covered with a selection of long handled augers.

Till Garden Beds – Our tools make it easy to weed garden beds, loosen soil and get rid of the larvae of harmful pests. Tilling with an auger can cut down on the amount of work you have to do for a new or large garden.

Dig Irrigation Trenches – If you need to dig out trenches for irrigation or a sprinkler system, our augers can make the job simpler and faster. There’s no need to rent expensive equipment or pay a contractor to do what you can accomplish with one of our augers and a little bit of time. You could potentially save thousands of dollars.

Install Termite Bait Stations – Termites are a big nuisance, but their presence isn’t always visible in the beginning. A subterranean infestation calls for aggressive action. For exterminators, an earth auger makes it much easier to install termite bait stations.

Have you used your Power Planter auger for an untraditional project? Let us know so we can lighten the load for others!