Fall Bulb Planting Tips for 2022 – Use a Bulb Auger

August 18, 2017

Forget the frustration and backbreaking labor of using a hand shovel to dig planting holes. For optimal fall bulb planting, you need a bulb auger. Since our founder invented the first garden-friendly earth auger more than 20 years ago, gardeners have used this tool to drill perfectly spaced holes at even depths in all soil types, even hard-packed earth.

In addition to being much faster and more precise than other digging tools, bulb augers also improve soil-to-root contact, resulting in healthier, stronger bulbs.

Which fall bulbs to choose and where to plant them

With an auger — and the right tips — planting fall bulbs is easy with these tips.

1. Buy the right bulbs.

While this step is contingent upon your location’s climate and plant hardiness zone, the most commonly planted fall bulbs are daffodils, snowdrops, and crocuses. These perennials, which should be planted in September or October, thrive in cooler temperatures and moist soil, providing a beautiful bloom come spring.

2. Choose a spot

Choose a spot in your garden that provides at least six hours of sunlight and well-drained soil. Without enough direct sunlight, your bulbs’ leaves and stems will become soft and floppy.

3. Dig, or drill, with an auger.

Use a Power Planter digging auger to turn hard soil into loose aerated planting soil.

When exactly is fall? It depends on where you live! Check out this map to learn when to plant your bulbs. (Source)

How deep to plant bulbs in the fall

Knowing how deep to plant bulbs in the fall can make all the difference in the spring. In fact, if you plant them at the wrong depth or in too small a hole, they’ll be too stressed to even make it to spring.

For best spring results, drill a planting hole with your auger that’s three times the height of your bulb. Then, remove any lingering weeds or rocks and place your bulb in the hole — pointy end up, roots down. Finally, fill it with soil and water it to stimulate root growth.

When you dig, it’s best to use an auger designed for bulbs, such as our Bulb Planting Auger & Bedding Plant Tool, which breaks up soil and removes the guesswork of how deep to plant bulbs in the fall. Simply drill down to the full length of the auger (7 inches), drop your bulb in, cover it with soil, and you’re done.

With an auger, you can plant more bulbs in less time, and your spring garden will be the talk of the town.

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